How to Control Weeds in Your Lawn

Video Transcript

Video Transcript

When I was a kid, my summer job was to rid our lawn of dandelions.  Not only was it tough work, but by the time I'd finished the yard, these willful weeds had reappeared where I began and I had to start all over again.  What I didn't know then was that it's almost impossible to control dandelions by pulling them out.

These days I'm a bit more savvy about these pernicious plants.  My weapon of choice is no longer the garden spade, but instead, the miracle of modern chemistry.  The key is to use a weed control product that enters through the leaves.  And is transported through the entire plant including the roots.

But killing the weeds is only half the battle. It's also important to fertilize the lawn to help it grow in thick and dense.  Because there's nothing that dandelions and other weeds like better than a thin, weak lawn.  Now this is a combination weed control and fertilizer.

It can be applied with just about any kind of spreader. But before you put it in, check the back of the bag to see the proper spreader setting.  All I have to do is dial in the spreader setting so it's the same as the one on the bag.

The higher the number, the wider the gate opening.

Appling the weed control while the lawn is slightly damp from dew or a light watering ill allow the granules to stick to the plant leaves.
For driveways, patios, landscape beds or any other non lawn areas, a liquid weed control will do the job.

It acts fast; In as little as 12 hours. And because it's absorbed quickly, it will kill the weeds even if it rains within a half an hour after application.  Well the grass and everything else for that matter is really growing.

But with these weapons, I'm bound to win the war on weeds.

Learn how to control weeds in your lawn; watch a video showing how to distribute a weed and feed chemical with a spreader.

When Ron was a young man, his summer job was to rid his lawn of dandelions. Not only was his tough work, but by the time he had finished the yard, the weeds started growing back and he had to start all over again. What he didn't realize back then, was that it was almost impossible to control dandelions by pulling them out.