Learn how to assemble a modular computer desk; watch a video that shows how quickly a modular desk goes together.

Kids' construction toys were great because they really got the imagination working. Now there's a line of products from Simplifed Building Concepts that draws on that creative energy to allow you to build all sorts of amazing and useful things from pipe, lumber and some simple Kee Klamp connectors.

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viewing the materials for the modular computer desk
Step 1

Purchase Fittings for the Modular Computer Desk

Purchase connectors for the DIY modular computer desk online. Choose 1 1/4 inch water pipe with a thick wall or lighter-weight and less-expensive chain-link fence post pipe. The choice is based on the importance of strength over cost and weight.

using a pipe cutter for the modular computer desk
Step 2

Cut the Pipe to Length for the Modular Computer Desk

Clamp the pipe in a vice. Cut it with a heavy-duty pipe cutter, a hacksaw with an 18 to 24 teeth-per-inch blade, a cordless portable band saw, or a metal cutoff saw with an abrasive blade (requires face shield).

securing modular computer desk connectors
Step 3

Insert Pieces of Pipes into Appropriate Connectors

Fit the pipes and Kee Klamp connectors together like TINKERTOYS. Secure each connector with a recessed set screw. Tighten manually with an Allen wrench or a hex key bit in your power driver with torque adjusted to avoid stripping the threads.

making feet for the modular computer desk
Step 4

Build Two Feet for the Modular Computer Desk

Construct two feet for the modular computer desk. First, thread a vertical fitting onto a pipe for the uprights in the next step, and then add a flanged fitting at each end of the pipes to serve as feet.

leveling uprights for the module computer desk
Step 5

Connect Two Uprights to the Modular Computer Desk Feet

Insert an upright pipe length into the vertical fitting on each foot assembly. Use a level to confirm they are upright and snug the fitting with a T-handled Allen wrench. Add a spreader or brace to the uprights.

installing supports on the modular computer desk
Step 6

Begin Attaching Shelf Supports

Thread horizontal shelf supports over the uprights at desired levels and positions and Fix them in place by tightening the set screws. Typically, these shelves will hold the CPU and printer in the modular computer desk.

securing supports on the modular computer desk
Step 7

Install Desktop Supports for the Modular Computer Desk

Add a horizontal support over each upright to support the desktop for the modular computer desk. These fittings are adjustable so that the desktop can be flat or tilted to the desired angle. Secure the fittings with set screws.

tightening set screws on the modular computer desk
Step 8

Add Shelf Supports and a Top Spreader to the Uprights

Install shelf supports on the uprights for the speaker shelves. Connect the two uprights with a top spreader which doubles as the top shelf support for the modular computer desk.

cutting wooden shelves for the modular computer desk
Step 9

Cut Wooden Shelf Panels for the Modular Computer Desk

Make shelves of high-density particle board or cabinet-grade plywood. Attach to pipes with metal slip-on supports. Secure shelves with coarsely threaded screws and fender washers. Snap end-caps into pipes to give the modular computer desk a more finished look.

securing the monitor on the modular computer desk
Step 10

Hang the Monitor from the Top Spreader Pipe

Suspend the monitor from the top spreader of the modular computer desk via a special fitting. Secure the monitor with a monitor mounting bracket to position it at any height and swivel or tilt it for the best view.


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