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How to Create a Walkway with Concrete Pavers


Lead the Way to Your Front Door from Driveway to Stairs with an Attractive Colored Concrete Paver Walkway

Dress up the front of your house by replacing the worn grass that leads to your door with a Do-It-Yourself colored concrete paver walkway that curves from driveway to stairway.  Excavate the dirt, build a small retaining wall of heavy landscape timbers, and then most your own concrete paver walkway on a bed of leveled sand.

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marking the position for the concrete paver walkway with a garden hose
Step 1

Layout the Position of the Concrete Paver Walkway

Mark the desired curve and position of the concrete paver walkway using stakes and string. Design it based on appearance and ease of use in walking from the steps to the driveway.

digging the base for the concrete paver walkway
Step 2

Excavate the Base for the Concrete Paver Walkway

Dig up the sod carefully, because you may reuse it on completion of your concrete paver walkway. Loosen the earth with a mattock and shovel it into a container for relocation -- otherwise, you will end up moving it twice.

leveling the concrete paver walkway foundation with sand
Step 3

Make a Level Sand Base for the Concrete Paver Walkway

Line the bottom of the concrete paver walkway foundation with 3 inches of sand and rake it level as a stable base for the concrete pavers. The sand will also promote drainage and avoid water standing on the walkway.

stabilizing the retaining wall beside the concrete paver walkway
Step 4

Assemble the Retaining wall beside the Concrete Paver Walkway

Build a retaining wall of 6 by 6 treated landscaping timbers beside the concrete paver walkway. Angle the ends so they fit neatly end-to-end to make turns. Pre-drill pilot holes for landscaping spikes driven to stabilize the timbers.

positioning the form for the concrete paver walkway stones
Step 5

Form the Stones in the Concrete Paver Walkway

Use a purchased form for shaping the stones in the concrete paver walkway. Set them at a slightly downward angle towards the driveway so that water will run off in that direction to promote draining and prevent puddling.

mixing color for stones in the concrete paver walkway
Step 6

Mix Fiber-reinforced Mortar for Stones in the Concrete Paver Walkway

Use fiber-reinforced mortar to make stronger pavers for the concrete paver walkway. Add cement color if desired, pouring it into the water and stirring to mix before adding it to the dry concrete mix. Mix with a hoe.

filling the form for the concrete paver walkway stones
Step 7

Fill the Stone Form for the Concrete Paver Walkway

Shovel the wet mortar into the stone forms openings. Push it into the shapes with a flat mortar trowel. Tap the form and then lift it straight up to avoid disturbing the shapes. Smooth as necessary with a damp sponge and bevel the edges with your fingers.

rotating the form for the concrete paver walkway stones
Step 8

Rotate the Form for Each New Concrete Paver Walkway Stone

Rotate the form 90 degrees (a quarter turn) for each new concrete paver walkway stone to stagger the pattern from the adjacent stone. Use the smaller form provided or pour and cut individual stones to turn corners and fill holes.

discussing finishing techniques for the concrete paver walkway
Step 9

Finishing the Concrete Paver Walkway

Apply concrete cure and seal while the concrete paver walkway stones are hard but still damp. The following day, when the concrete is dry, brush sand or other stabilizing joint filler between the stones to stabilize them.

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