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How to Put up or Mount Kitchen Cabinets on a Wall


Assembling Kit Cabinets Makes Kitchen Remodeling Easier and Cheaper with the Same Clean Updated Look as Custom Cabinetry

Install do-it-yourself kit cabinets for kitchen remodeling on a budget. The white melamine finish of this cabinetry is clean and versatile and its knock-down fastening construction eliminates most drilling and cutting. The home improvement center even provided a scale drawing showing the cabinets in place. Just assemble the units and floor- or wall-mount each. New cabinets don't get much easier!

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drawing a level line
Step 1

Measure for a Temporary Ledger to Hold the Wall-mounted Cabinets

Measure the distance from the floor to the bottom of the wall-mounted kitchen cabinet units, allowing for the height of the base cabinet, the countertop, and 18 inches of clearance. Level and secure a ledger at the mark.

gluing the dowel holes
Step 2

Glue Wooden Dowels in Pre-Drilled Holes for Cabinet Assembly

Read instructions to identify holes for wooden dowels and spread glue thoroughly in each hole with a nail head. Insert dowels and gently tap them into place with a hammer.

positioning the cams
Step 3

Assemble Cabinet Units with the Knock-down Fastening System

Tap posts into holes beside the dowels and insert cams so their openings align with the pre-drilled holes on panel edges. Fit cams directly over the posts and turn gently to lock them together. Slip backs and tops into place.

securing hinges in cabinet doors
Step 4

Attach Hinges in Pre-Drilled Holes in Cabinet Doors

Position and attach hinges in pre-drilled holes in each cabinet door. Insert screws and secure with a power driver.

clamping cabinets in position prior to securing with wood screws
Step 5

Sub-assemble Adjacent Cabinet Units into Modules and Install

Attach adjacent cabinet units into single modules. Ensure the cabinet faces are flush with each other and clamp them together prior to securing them permanently with wood screws.

drilling through the hanging strip into the wall stud
Step 6

Mount the Module through the Hanging Strip and Studs

Position the module on the upper edge of the ledger to bear its weight and drive screws through the hanging strip and into the wall studs behind. On completion, remove the ledge for use with the next wall-mounted module.

mounting glide to the bottom of the drawer
Step 7

Mount Drawer Glides before Completing Base Cabinet Assembly

Use the same method to assemble the base cabinet modules but mount the drawer glides first, per kit instructions. Mount the second drawer glide component on the bottom of the drawer.

adding a shim to level the cabinet module
Step 8

Position Base Cabinet Modules against the Wall

Pre-drill cabinet deck for water supply and drain and position the sink cabinet centered under the window. Level the module with shims if necessary and attach to the wall and each other with wood screws.

securing the cleats
Step 9

Position Cleats and Install the Countertop/Sink Assembly

Attach wooden cleats to provide a strong surface to attach the countertop to the base kitchen cabinets. From beneath, drive screws through the cleats and into the countertop.

positioning the toe-kick
Step 10

Attach Cabinet Doors, Nail Toe-kick, and Replace Baseboard

Complete the installation by installing the cabinet doors, nailing up a toe-kick, and replacing any baseboard removed for the cabinet installation. Slide in the appliances, being careful not to scratch the new floor.



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