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Replacing a Stainless Sink with Porcelain


Install a New Kitchen Sink the Same Size and Shape as the Existing Model to Complete Your Kitchen Overhaul

Finish updating your kitchen by installing a new kitchen sink that suits your preference of stainless steel or enameled porcelain. Choosing a sink model the same size and shape as the original eliminates having to rebuild a portion of the countertop or make special adjustments to the plumbing, but still offers options on finish and drain placement.

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choosing the new kitchen sink and fixtures
Step 1

Choose a New Sink of the Same Size and Shape

Select the replacement sink, faucets and soap dispenser to fit the existing opening in the countertop and to suit your preference of stainless steel versus enameled porcelain or other composition. An off-center drain can be accommodated by simple plumbing adjustments.

removing the P-trap beneath the kitchen sink
Step 2

Remove the P-trap and Dishwasher Hose beneath the Kitchen Sink

Switch off the electric circuit breaker that supplies the garbage disposal. Loosen the nuts and remove the P-trap beneath the kitchen sink. Detach the dishwasher wastewater hose from the disposal and catch waste water in a pan.

loosening the disposal retaining ring beneath the kitchen sink
Step 3

Loosen and Disconnect the Disposal from the Kitchen Sink

Disconnect the garbage disposal from the sink flange after loosening the retaining ring with a screw driver inserted in the loop provided. Disconnecting the electrical cable should not be necessary.

removing the clips that secure the kitchen sink
Step 4

Detach and Remove the Old Kitchen Sink

Turn off the hot and cold water at the supply valves. Loosen and detach both water lines from the valves under the kitchen sink. Unscrew the clips that secure the old sink to the countertop and lift it out.

adding a mounting ring over the backup ring beneath the sink
Step 5

Install the Kitchen Sink Flange, Gasket, and Fastening Rings

Apply a roll of plumber's putty to the sink flange. Slip on a fiber gasket, a backup ring, the disposal mounting ring, and a snap ring to hold everything in place. Tighten the assembly and remove any extruded plumber's putty.

positioning the mounting bracket for the kitchen sink faucet
Step 6

Mount the Faucet for the New Kitchen Sink

Set the trim plate on the sink deck and then pass the faucet through. Slip on the mounting bracket and tighten the mounting nut. Insert the sprayer hose, securing it to the discharge tube, and then install the nozzle.

detaching the pump from the sink's new soap dispenser
Step 7

Install the Soap Dispenser on the New Kitchen Sink

Detach the pump assembly and nut from the plastic soap dispenser. Drop the pump through the trim plate and secure it beneath the kitchen sink with the provided washer and nut. Thread the plastic bottle on the pump.

securing the new water lines on the new kitchen sink
Step 8

Secure New Water Lines to the Kitchen Sink

Flush the new water lines before attaching them to the new kitchen sink to remove any debris. Add the supply lines to the valves on the faucet and secure them with the attached nuts.

apply a bead of silicon for the sink installation
Step 9

Glue the Kitchen Sink to the Countertop with Silicon

Mark the glue line with masking tape. Squeeze out a generous bead if silicon along the perimeter. Set the kitchen sink in place. Dip your finger in alcohol and running it along the edge to remove excess. Remove the tape.

attaching the dishwasher wastewater line to the disposal
Step 10

Reattach the Kitchen Sink Plumbing and Switch on the Breaker

Attach water lines to the valves. Position the disposal and tighten the collar beneath the kitchen sink. Reattach the dishwasher wastewater line and the P-trap. Turn on the water and switch on the electrical breaker to restore power to the disposal.

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