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How to Protect your Ears from Loud Noise

Leaf blowers, lawn mowers, chain saws, power tools and shop machinery can all make a lot of noise. Over time, this type of constant noise can be damaging to your hearing and it is not a bad idea to use some type of hearing protection.

There are several different styles to choose from, but regardless of which style you select, you want to make absolutely sure that it will actually block out the noise. The best way to be certain is to look for the EPA's noise reduction rating, which goes from 1 to 30, with 30 offering the greatest protection.

Ear muffs are great for a shop environment where you want to take your protection on and off frequently. Headband type and disposable ear plugs are designed to go in the ear canal. For disposable ear plugs to work, they need to be inserted properly. For a quick test to see if they're working, cup your hands over your ears. There shouldn't be any appreciable decrease in noise, if there is, then your plugs need to be adjusted.


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