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How to Turn Rubber Gloves Inside Out to Dry Them

If you work for any length of time at all in rubber gloves, you know how sweaty they can get on the inside. Here's a trick to make sure they get fully dried . . . and to get those pesky inside-out fingers to pop out.

First take the gloves off by pulling the cuff. This turns them inside out as they come off. Grab the cuff, stretch it , then give them a spin. Now keep the cuff rolled up tight, and squeeze. Viola! The fingers pop right out.

When you want to turn the gloves back right side out, just grab them by the cuff, push most of the glove through with your hand, then repeat the process: twist the cuff, spin, and squeeze to pop the fingers out.

Now your gloves will be clean and dry the next time you need them, instead of the usual damp and unpleasant feeling of putting old rubber gloves back on!

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