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How to Put in an Underground Dog Fence


Learn how to install an invisible electric dog fence to confine your pet to your yard.

Installing an underground fence to keep your dog confined and safe is a fairly simple project. The fence uses a buried wire that continuously emits a radio signal. Your pet must wear a special collar with a receiver on it and two small prongs/electrodes. When the dog approaches the wire, the radio signal first causes the collar to beep as an audio warning and will then activate the collar to deliver a mild corrective shock to the pet that will cause it to turn back from the fence.

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looping the invisible dog fence to divide the yard
Step 1

Plan the Location of the Underground Dog Fence

Draw a plan to indicate the location and size of the underground dog fence. Separate back yard from front by looping fence back on itself at the sides of the house to maintain a continuous circuit.

marking the underground dog fence site with flags
Step 2

Mark the Underground Dog Fence Location with Temporary Flags

Use garden flags to mark the desired path for invisible electric fencing. Leave them in place briefly after the underground dog fence is completed to add a visual cue to help the dog recognize the boundary during initial training.

slotting the underground dog fence
Step 3

Lay the Underground Dog Fence with a Wire Trencher

Install the underground dog cable with a gasoline-powered wire trenching machine. Guide the motorized tool along the flag markers to cut a slot in the ground and insert the invisible electric fencing wire at the same time.

cutting the driveway for the underground dog fence
Step 4

Slot the Driveway for the Underground Dog Fencing

Position the slot for the underground dog fencing to avoid edging stones and snap a chalk line as a cut mark. Use a rolling saw equipped with a masonry blade to cut through the asphalt driveway.

tamping the underground dog fence wire into the driveway
Step 5

Seal the Underground Dog Fencing into the Driveway

Stretch the underground dog fence wire across the driveway and tamp it into the slot with a narrow plastic putty knife that will not abrade or damage the insulating jacket on the wire. Overfill the crack with sealant.

examining the gel wire-splice for the underground dog fence
Step 6

Splice the Underground Dog Fence Wire Where Necessary

Lay the wire for the underground dog fence as one continuous loop , splicing it as necessary. Widen the slot for the splice, stripping off some wire insulation, joining ends with a gel wire-splice, and burying the device.

boring a hole for the underground dog fence
Step 7

Fish the Underground Dog Fence through the Garage Wall

Bore an unobtrusive hole near ground level in the garage wall. Fish the two ends of the wire loop for the underground dog fence inside to connect to the transmitter. Caulk around the hole.

wiring the underground dog fence to the transmitter
Step 8

Mount Underground Dog Fence Radio Transmitter to the Garage Wall

Mount the radio transmitter for the underground dog fence to the interior garage wall and attach the ends of wire loop to the terminals. Secure the wire to the garage wall with arched staples.

plugging in the underground dog fence power adaptor
Step 9

Plug in the AC Power Adaptor to Step-Down the Voltage

Plug in the AC power adaptor for the underground dog fence to step-down the voltage of the house current. Check its two lights to confirm the power is working and the loop is continuous.

teaching your pet to respect the underground dog fence
Step 10

Teach Your Pet about the Underground Dog Fence

Put the collar on your dog. Walk your pet slowly towards the underground dog fence until the collar's audio signal is triggered. When the dog turns away, praise it. Approach near enough for a mild static shock, if necessary. Repeat.


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