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Plant Watering Devices that Save Time and Conserve Water

Let These Smart Devices Do the Work
In yard and garden, watering enough to make the grass and other plants look good and stay healthy without wasting water is a challenge. Adding one or more modern water controlling devices to your hose is an easy method to control both the volume and schedule of your water use. These devices are available at your home improvement store and help to balance water usage with water conservation. The following items describe some of the available models.

Basic Timer
Use a basic programmable digital water timer to control frequency, clock time, and duration of watering on a single hose outlet. The device threads onto any outdoor faucet and typically has an onboard battery to power the timer for a full watering season. Attach the hose to the timer.

Dual Outlets
Consider a water timer model with two watering outlets if you also need to wash the car or use a hose for other purposes without disturbing the timed set up. Attach a hose to each outlet, but only one outlet is timed.

Multi-Zone Timers
Take advantage of a 2-zone timer to schedule separate watering times. Both watering outlets are controlled independently by the timer. It works with conventional sprinklers and low pressure or drip systems.

Rainfall Monitor
Add a rain monitor between the hose and the sprinkler head to control the electronic timer. When 1/2-inch of rain accumulates in the reservoir/collector on the rain monitor, it prevents the next scheduled watering by shutting off the water flow at the sprinkler end. It also drains and resets itself automatically in preparation for the next watering cycle.

Soil Moisture Sensor
Drive a water sensor into the soil to monitor its moisture level and transmit a wireless signal to a special receiver that plugs into the electronic water timer. The sensor is set to respond at a certain moisture level and transmits a signal telling the water timer not to water. As the soil begins to lose moisture, the sensor sends another signal telling the timer to resume the watering schedule.


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