Build a Kit-based Solar Garden Shed That Doubles as a Greenhouse

For this project, we replace a run-down metal building, encroaching vines, and accumulated junk with a charming, practical and organized solar garden shed that doubles as a greenhouse. The structure is made from a kit that comes with materials and instructions making the new building a cinch to put up.

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viewing the original garden shed before demolition
Step 1

Prepare for the New Solar Garden Shed

Clear vegetation and demolish the old building, leaving the concrete foundation. Purchase your solar garden shed kit in appropriate size and configuration to suit the location and required orientation for light. Inventory kit components against the parts list and assemble tools.

spacing solar garden shed studs at 16-inch intervals
Step 2

Frame and Cover Four Solar Garden Shed Walls

Space the solar garden shed studs at 16-inch intervals and attach them to the top and bottom wall plates with a nail gun. Use rust-resistant nails to secure exterior wall sheathing on all four framed walls.

cutting sill plates for the solar garden shed
Step 3

Measure and Cut Sill Plates for the Solar Garden Shed

Cut pressure-treated two-by-four to length as sill plates for the solar garden shed. Temporarily position them on the slab along the shed's perimeter and drill through the sill plates to mark the slab for bolt holes. Remove the sill plates.

hammering bolts into the solar garden shed sill plates
Step 4

Drill Holes and Hammer Bolts into Solar Garden Shed Slab

Bore holes in the solar garden shed slab and hammer in expanding anchor bolts. Align the sill plate holes over the bolts, tapping to seat the sills against the slab. Add washers and nuts, tighten, and remove excess bolt length.

bracing solar garden shed walls
Step 5

Position and Brace the Solar Garden Shed Walls

Cut clearance holes in the bottom plates for bolt/nuts. Plumb the solar garden shed walls, installing temporary braces to hold them. Nail directly through walls and interior of the sill plate. Nail through the sheathing into the exterior sill plate.

spacing the solar garden shed's roof trusses
Step 6

Install the Solar Garden Shed Roof Trusses

Position permanent truss spacers between the solar garden shed's roof trusses and secure with rust-proof galvanized screws. Fit provided stringers into notches on the trusses to stabilize them and form the top of the framed opening for the window panes.

positioning the solar garden shed's roof gable
Step 7

Secure the Solar Garden Shed Gables and Roof Sheathing

Position the pre-cut rear gable on the back of the solar garden shed and nail it in place. Repeat the process for the front gable. Secure exterior grade plywood sheathing on each side of the shed roof using a nail gun.

nailing fascia board to the solar garden shed roof
Step 8

Add Trim, Fascia Boards, and the Solar Garden Shed Door

Cover corner seams and the joint between the gables and wall sheathing with trim from the solar garden shed kit. Nail fascia boards at the roof's edge to cover the ends of the roof trusses. Level and secure the door with hinges.

nailing drip cap to protect the solar garden shed roof
Step 9

Complete the Solar Garden Shed Roof

Nail a drip cap at the bottom edges of the solar garden shed roof sheathing to prevent water seepage. Horizontally layer overlapping strips of roofing felt across the sheathing. Use a roofing nailer to layer overlapping asphalt shingles.

installing windows in the solar garden shed roof
Step 10

Install Roof Windows and Finish the Solar Garden Shed

Run double-faced tape along the roof trusses and position the roof windows on top of the tape. Secure windows with metal trim strips. Paint trim. Install latch hardware on the door and grilles in the air vents on the gables.


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